Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Continuing on my love of liquid lipsticks…

Kat Von D is an American Tattoo artist who turned her attention to makeup a few years ago, and thank goodness she did.

I first bought a Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick when I was in Florida last year, and I bought the shade Armageddon, which is a bright pink, not dissimilar to ABH’s Unicorn.

The shade is bright, stands out, and wears incredibly well. 

Since then, I’ve bought Lolita, Mother and Lovesick (while I was in Barcelona in January this year)!

L-R: Armageddon, Mother, Lovesick, Lolita
from bottom to top: Lolita, Lovesick, Mother and Armageddon

You’ve probably heard everyone rave about Lolita, and can I just say, it is so worth the hype! I ended up buying 2 because I loved the shade so much (at the time, I wasn’t sure when I would be able to buy KvD products again since Spain and America were my only options)!

Lolita is the perfect every day shade, a nudey chestnut colour that suits a wide variety of skin colours. Not only is it great to wear every day, you can pair it with a extravagant eye look too, so it’s the perfect shade to transition from morning to night.

Mother and Lovesick are stunning pinks, both very different as you can see from the swatches. I love wearing them when I have soft makeup on, just to add a little kick! 

The Kat Von D liquid lipsticks don’t have a smell (or none that I can detect!) and they wear well. The applicator is very long and thin, which can make it awkward to apply and easy to mess up. If you do mess up, it’s essential to wipe the mistake away before it dries as it can stain, especially the darker or brighter the colour. 

The shades wear well, though not as long lasting through eating etc as Jeffree Star.

You lucky Americans and Australians can buy these liquid lipsticks from Sephora, or directly from the  Official Kat Von D site (US only).

Fellow Europeans, if you’re in Spain, you’re so lucky, you can buy them from Sephora Spain. I’ve heard a few rumors that KvD will be coming to Sephora France soon, but there isn’t a concrete date yet.

The liquid lipsticks cost around $20 or €19.90, so are in the same price range as ABH or Jeffree Star. 

With such a wide variety of colours that can be worn with practically any look you can imagine, as well as their stay power, it’s definitely a great purchase and a great brand.

Oh! And for the animal conscious makeup lovers out there, Kat Von D is a cruelty free brand, with many vegan products. Not all the products are vegan however, but if you check the official Kat Von D website, the info is all there on which products are/are not vegan.


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks Review

So I love liquid lipsticks, love, love, love them.
One of the first liquid lipsticks I tried out was Jeffree Star- in particular, Redrum.
Jeffree Star is an affordable makeup brand with absolutely amazing liquid lipsticks, with a wide variety of shades, from reds and nudes, to bright colours you wouldn’t see normally.

I own Redrum- a true red, which suits all skin colours; Masochist- a bright dark pink, great for making your look organized and put together when you’ve only had 5mins to get ready; and I have two of the previously Limited Edition shades, Androgyny and Doll Parts. Androgyny is a perfect nude that isn’t quite a nude, along the lines of Kat Von D’s Lolita. It does look slightly different on everyone depending on the natural colour of your lips, but it really is a stunning shade. Doll Parts is a sweet pink, everyday shade and is great for any look. 

The JS liquid lipsticks have next to no scent, and they apply evenly and smoothly. Like most liquid lipsticks, you can’t reapply the JS shades later in the day on top of the previous lipstick as it can flake and look grim. 

But, the colours stay on amazingly. They’re great at staying on throughout meals, regardless of the shade. Masochist can stain your lips, but it’s worth it for the colour pay off!

JS charges around $18 per liquid lipstick, which is slightly cheaper than Anastasia Beverly Hills, but dearer than Colourpop for example.

For anyone in the US, JS is a available from the official Jeffree Star website, the Morphe website, or Beautylish.

If like me, you’re in the UK, you can order from the above sites (JS and  

Jeffree Star Velvour Lipstick in Redrum, Masochist, Doll Parts and Androgyny


From bottom to top: Androgyny, Doll Parts, Masochist, Redrum

 Morphe have extra shipping/handling fees after you’ve paid on the website. Beautylish includes all fees in the price at the checkout, so they’re are no “hidden” or unexpected fees. You can also order from Cocktail Cosmetics, which has great service.

Jeffree Star is an amazing brand and if you love liquid lipsticks, it’s well worth checking out the products- and you will fall in love with them! 

Plus a little bonus: Jeffree Star is entirely cruelty free, none of their products are tested on animals, and they’ve even ensured all their manufacturers are cruelty free too. So you can look hot AND know that no cute animals were hurt to test out your makeup!
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Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks (😍)

As you can probably tell by my blog name, i freaking love lipstick. 

My collection started off small, a few Rimmel London and Maybelline lipsticks here and there, but then came MAC and their matte lipsticks and I basically fell head over heels in love.

Then, a new trend began, liquid lipsticks. And I fell in love again. 

I own Unicorn, Trust Issues, Catnip, Soft Lilac, Pure Hollywood and Sorbet.

They have such a lovely smell, and amazing pigmentation- they are fierce! The colour lasts all day (and night) I can eat croissants and Danish pastries and the colour is still as vibrant as ever. They come in a wide variety of shades, each and every one is just as pigmented as the next. The formula is lovely, but it’s not a formula built for re-applications (like a lot of liquid lipsticks aren’t!) but since the colour stays so well, it’s not really a problem. The colours also don’t tend to stain my lips, even Trust Issues which is a dark colour.

Unfortunately, ABH only sells their Liquid Lipsticks in the US (and maybe Canada?) at the moment, and if you’re in the US you can buy them from their website, or certain Sephora stores, or somewhere like   

Trust Issues


Pure Hollywood

 Macy’s! They retail for $20 and are not tested on animals, though I don’t think they are vegan!

If like me, you’re not living in America ( 😭) you can purchase them directly from the ABH website (where I ordered Soft Lilac and Catnip) but shipping and handling fees aren’t wonderful (but for me, worth it!) 

There are other European based websites selling ABH liquid lipsticks, however they are not official, and as Norvina from the company explained, this means they could very well be fakes! 

So, stick to the official sellers, it is dearer (for Europeans) but worth it! 

Go follow Norvina for updates, or the official Anastasia Beverly Hills Instagram! 

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MakeupGeek single pan blushes

Hi everyone! 

I recently bought one of the single pan blushes from MakeupGeek.

I hadn’t tried there products when I bought it, but the the blushes were in lovely colours and such a decent price so I went for it.

I like coral-y pink colours for blushes on my skin, something natural but still bright.

I chose the shade infatuation, and it was a perfect colour for my skin.

Downside is that because they are online only in Europe, you have to guess, or know what shades suit you best!

However the quality is amazing. The blush is so pigmented, you only need a tiny bit to get a great colour for your cheeks. It’s easy to blend and feels comfortable on your skin.

Plus: below you can see the size of the MUG pan compared to my MAC mineralize blush, and an Anastasia Beverly Hills contour pan. MUG is really quite big compared to standard powder sizes, so for under €11/£10 you’re getting great quality and good use out of it!

If you’re in Europe and fancy checking them out, head over to Beauty Bay, or if you’re lucky enough to be in America, check out the  Makeup Geek Official

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Mac Mineralize, MakeupGeek , ABH
makeup Geek in Infatuation, ABH in Banana

The Best Mascaras


Dior Iconic mascara
 Mascara is Gods gift to women ❤️

Like a lot of gals, I’ve been using mascara since I was a teen, starting off with the cheaper brands like Rimmel and Maybelline, but I was never able to find one that could make my stubby short lashes long and voluminous like I like.

So when I was at Bristol Airport in September waiting for my flight to Toulouse, I heard a voice calling me from the Dior makeup part of duty free, and I found my best friend.

I love long lashes. I don’t want them too thick, but I want them looooong. And since my shaky hands make false eyelashes hard to apply, mascara is my next best option.

And damn, is the Dior Iconic Show the best mascara for length. It makes my lashes so long and adds just the right amount of volume. It had the regular straight brush which is the ideal shape for long lashes, and the brush doesn’t come out coated in too much product.

My lashes look long, slightly more voluminous, but not like spider legs, or clumpy.

My second fave mascara is one of the most popular mascaras out there: Too Faced Better Than Sex.

I was adamant I did not need it, that it was overrated, but then I was in Sephora and it happened.I caved. And I’m glad I did.

For starters, the packaging is so cute. A metallic-y pink and it’s oddly weighted- it feels heavier than any mascaras ive used before, but I also don’t have to worry about dropping it and damaging it.

The brush is curved- kind of wiggly, which is ideal for volume. The brush is quite big, which is great for coating all your lashes in one swift wiggle of application. Because it’s quite big, the Better Than Sex wand isn’t ideal for your lower lashes as it can make them clunky as well as it gets everywhere.


The wand does have a lot of product on it when you take it out the tube, so you do have to be careful on application, as sometimes if there is too much product, it will clunk the hell out of your base lashes.

The best method for applying is the standard wiggling as you apply, allowing the mascara to coat every lash.

I have short lashes, and while the Better Than Sex mascara does add lots of volume, it doesn’t add as much length for me as I would like on a night out etc. So I tend to use the Better Than Sex mascara, and then use the Dior Iconic over the top to extend the length, giving me the best results of both.

I do prefer my Dior mascara over the Better than Sex, but that’s because I prefer my lashes longer than voluminous. Both are great purchases and staples for any mascara lover in your makeup bag.

There isn’t a huge difference in price, but that’s based on the fact I bought one from the duty free at the airport.

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