21 year old makeup addict studying in France.

I used to be the girl with the overdrawn eyeliner wings, foundation too orange and badly dyed hair (DO NOT dye your own hair from mousey brown to blonde. It will turn YELLOW. SUNSHINE YELLOW).

2011. Do not dye your own hair blonde. Also rocking the raccoon eyes. (Also this was the last day of school before Xmas, we were having a party in an unused classroom. Standard.)



But then I discovered how to actually match my foundation to my skin, and that yes, it’s difficult to find a “drugstore” brand with colours pale enough for me. (Hallelujah, Loreal True Match!). So I branched out, went to Harvey Nichol’s in Edinburgh and had a wee cosultation with the MAC counter.

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

2016. Progress. Progress.

I do love my high end products, nothing beats my NARS and Dior foundations, or my MAC lipsticks, but I still love me some drugstore makeup, like Loreal and Rimmel (and I don’t give them nearly enough credit).

Hello, lovers.

This blog is the greatest form of procrastination from my studies, but I’m hoping you guys will like my blog and what I have to say, and maybe save some money on make up that maybe isn’t as big as the hype, or isn’t for you. But also that maybe you’ll check out a new brand/a brand you’ve not used before, and that you’ll love them as much as I do.

Obviously everything I say on here is my opinion, and that means my thoughts aren’t Bible. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion- if you disagree with something I say, drop me a comment, or give me some advice. I’m not a makeup artist and I love learning.




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