Holy Grail products

For once, this isn’t specifically a liquid lipstick blog!!

This week, I’m discussing my Holy Grail Products; basically the beauty products I can’t like without.

This is super late, because I’ve been revising (seriously so bored, doing this is my procrastination!).



  • Mascara: Dior Iconic Show. Doesn’t clump. Doesn’t have fall out (you know when you wear it half a day and it falls from your lashes and makes it look like you’re wearing it from last night?) plus it elongates my lashes which I adore ❤️
  • Eyeshadow: I’m going with a palette. And this is so hard. It’s got to be my ABH Self Made Palette (Champagne is literally my holy grail single shade!). The colours are stunning and vibrant, they stand out and you can make so many different looks with the one pallette. A close second is my Too Faced Chocolate palette,  because the colours are amazing and the smell 😍😍😍
  • Eyeliner: I love the ease of the Kat Von D Trooper Eyeliner, but it’s not as solid black as I would like. I’ve yet to find THE solid black gel liner which matches my soul.
  • Eyebrows: I mean, this should be obvious. There is only one QUEEN when it comes to brows, and it’s Anastasia Beverly Hills. The Dipbrow Pomade ( I use a mix of Ash Brown and Soft Brown) is so amazing. I’ve been using it a year now, and I doubt I’ll use anything else. It’s so easy to use, lasts forever, and mixes easily.

Mon Visage

  • Foundation: this is super hard. So I’ll choose 3. High range: my Dior Nude Air foundation in the shade 010. Liquid-y, easy to apply, easy to blend, feels so light but gives me suuuch good coverage! You only need one to two drops depending on the coverage you want, so it is good value for money! Then my NARS: similar consistency to my Dior foundation, light weight but full coverage. Can be slightly too dark when I’m at my palest and sleep deprived-est. then we have my MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix foundation: thicker than the other two. Full coverage. Stunning, covers all blemishes. Comfy to wear. And finally, my drugstore foundation: Loreal True Match Ivoire Rose, I really think this is a dupe for my Nars, but I can wear this on my palest of days and mix it with some of my foundations when they look too dark. It’s under £10 in the UK, but in Europe Loreal products tend to be dearer.
  • Concealer: there is only one, though I’ve tried a few! NARS Creamy Radiant concealer. Super thick- it will crease without powder!- but great coverage, and for pale skin girls, great shades. Can be used to cover your under eyes and your blemishes which is IDEAL. The creamy concealer from the drugstore brand Collection is an affordable dupe, which my sister swears by, but I find the colour range isn’t quite as good. I also use my NARS concealer as an eyeshadow base.
  • Blusher: this one is difficult because I genuinely like mixing up my blushes day to day, other than them being mainly coral based. Recently, I adore my MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Blush in  Warm Soul; it’s a dark pink coral with a slight sheen to it.  
  • Highlighting: depending whether I want to look like a unicorn came on my face, or just a gentle glow, it’s between NARS in Copacabana, and my recent purchase from MAC Cosmetics, Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle. I will say sometimes my Copacabana can air on the side of (forgive the vulgar phrasing) looking like a unicorn came on my face, but sometimes you want that kind of glow!
  • Contour/Bronzer: I own both the powder and cream contour palettes from Anastasia Beverly Hills, and I love them. The Powder kit (in shade light to medium) is perfect for every day, or for if I just want to warm my face up and not contour. I like using my Cream palette ( in shade Fair) for when I go on nights out, and it gives more of a dramatic contour. I also love that ABH has both palettes in a variety of shades, so that from the palest to the darkest skin is accommodated! The powder palette doubles as my bronzer, as I’m not really a bronzer person.
  • Primer: with thanks to NikkieTutorials I bought the Nivea Men Aftershave Balm: Sensitive while I was in France, since it was under 10$/10€/10£ and she was raving about it. And I found out why! It’s amazing at keeping your face in place throughout the day and night (especially if any of you use the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation!). It has a slightly manly smell when you apply it (I love the smell) but it doesn’t last and you don’t smell like a bloke! Ps. If you haven’t already, check out Nikkie’s Beauty vlog on Youtube, she’s amazing!


Mes lèvres 

  • Lip balm: The one true savior goes by the name of Rêve de Miel by Nuxe. It comes in a little 25g glass pot, smells deliciously like honey (but not too strongly) and glides on so easily. I can also wear it overnight without it giving me spots around my lip area, which is a problem with a lot of other lip balms I’ve used.
  • Lip scrub: I’ve just recently got into lip scrubs (literally bought it Monday) but it’s been amazing so far. Lush’s lip scrub in the flavor/smell Mint Julep is awesome. Smells amazing, tastes delicious, and gets rid of any dry skin!
  • Lipgloss: I’m not a huge lipgloss fan, but only because I come from Scotland where it’s windy often, and I hate when the wind blows my hair and it gets stuck to my lips! However I do love lipglosses when my hair is up, and my current fave would have to be either ABH in the shade Kristen, or Dior Addict Gloss in shade 453.
  • Lipsticks: it’s gotta be MAC Cosmetics in Velvet Teddy, or Whirl. Perfect nudes, stay on well, and smell delicious.
  • Liquid lipsticks: this is near impossible. Here’s my top three: Kat von D in Lolita, Jeffree Star in Doll Parts, and ABH in Pure Hollywood.


Where you can buy the products I mentioned:

Anastasia Beverly Hills (US) or Anastasia Beverly Hills Europe (unfortunately the liquid lipsticks are not currently on sale in Europe)

Dior Cosmetics (also available from Sephora US and Sephora FR)

Jeffree Star (US) (also avaliable in the UK/Europe from Cocktail Cosmetics, US/UK shipping from Beautylish or Morphe)


Kat von D (US) (also avaliable from Sephora US and Sephora ES (not online, but in store as far as I know!))

Loréal Cosmetics: available from most local Drugstores, like Superdrug (UK) or supermarkets like Monoprix (FR) or somewhere like Sephora (FR) and Ulta (US)

Lush (UK) (US) (FR)

MAC Cosmetics (UK) (FR) (US)

Makeup Geek (UK/Europe) (US)

NARS (UK) (US) (FR) (Postage for UK Nars can be expensive, so I reccomend finding a department store like Harvey Nichols or Space N.K. which stocks the brand!)

Nivea Men Aftershave Balm: Sensitive avaliable from most drugstores and supermarkets and some French pharmacies.

NUXE (FR) (UK) (US) (also avaliable from most pharmacies in France)

Too Faced (US), (also avaliable from Debenhams (UK), and Sephora (FR) and the US Sephora)


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Continuing on my love of liquid lipsticks…

Kat Von D is an American Tattoo artist who turned her attention to makeup a few years ago, and thank goodness she did.

I first bought a Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick when I was in Florida last year, and I bought the shade Armageddon, which is a bright pink, not dissimilar to ABH’s Unicorn.

The shade is bright, stands out, and wears incredibly well. 

Since then, I’ve bought Lolita, Mother and Lovesick (while I was in Barcelona in January this year)!

L-R: Armageddon, Mother, Lovesick, Lolita
from bottom to top: Lolita, Lovesick, Mother and Armageddon

You’ve probably heard everyone rave about Lolita, and can I just say, it is so worth the hype! I ended up buying 2 because I loved the shade so much (at the time, I wasn’t sure when I would be able to buy KvD products again since Spain and America were my only options)!

Lolita is the perfect every day shade, a nudey chestnut colour that suits a wide variety of skin colours. Not only is it great to wear every day, you can pair it with a extravagant eye look too, so it’s the perfect shade to transition from morning to night.

Mother and Lovesick are stunning pinks, both very different as you can see from the swatches. I love wearing them when I have soft makeup on, just to add a little kick! 

The Kat Von D liquid lipsticks don’t have a smell (or none that I can detect!) and they wear well. The applicator is very long and thin, which can make it awkward to apply and easy to mess up. If you do mess up, it’s essential to wipe the mistake away before it dries as it can stain, especially the darker or brighter the colour. 

The shades wear well, though not as long lasting through eating etc as Jeffree Star.

You lucky Americans and Australians can buy these liquid lipsticks from Sephora, or directly from the  Official Kat Von D site (US only).

Fellow Europeans, if you’re in Spain, you’re so lucky, you can buy them from Sephora Spain. I’ve heard a few rumors that KvD will be coming to Sephora France soon, but there isn’t a concrete date yet.

The liquid lipsticks cost around $20 or €19.90, so are in the same price range as ABH or Jeffree Star. 

With such a wide variety of colours that can be worn with practically any look you can imagine, as well as their stay power, it’s definitely a great purchase and a great brand.

Oh! And for the animal conscious makeup lovers out there, Kat Von D is a cruelty free brand, with many vegan products. Not all the products are vegan however, but if you check the official Kat Von D website, the info is all there on which products are/are not vegan.